25 June 2018


The London 100 white papers provide exclusive research and comment on areas affecting the London and international (re)insurance markets. Like the London 100 itself, the papers are designed to be informative and thought provoking and are produced in collaboration with The London 100 partners.

Are we nearly there yet?

The journey through conflicts of interest in the broking sector.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) report on its conflicts of interest review into the general insurance sector, issued on 27 May, has caused frustration on a par with the back seat ramblings of a toddler on a 500-mile drive to Cornwall. Everyone wishes there was an easy answer, but there isn't… is there?

The report notes that nearly 4 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are worthy of protection in the same way as consumers are...

In association with RPC

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Shifting Sands

Upcoming regulatory change and the low interest rate climate are prompting insurance companies to revisit their investment strategies, explain Mark Herne, Steve Houghton and Albert Shamash from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking

In recent years, the low interest rate environment has proved challenging for investors. With central banks pumping additional liquidity into the markets, yields on liquid assets have been depressed - particularly for government bonds. As a result, investors have been forced to look at riskier and/or less liquid assets in the search for yield...

In association with Lloyds Bank

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Introducing Netsett - Overcoming the hurdles of accounting and settlement

Netsett is Xchanging's proposed solution to the problems of accounting and settlement in the international open insurance market. Primarily an insurance and reinsurance platform, Netsett has already completed the conceptual solution design stage and Xchanging is now moving to create a detailed specification of the various components that will deliver the operational solution.

A penny test carried out in 2012 proved the concept and Netsett is now nearing completion of a pilot with RSA, which is using the intra-group component for treaty business between its UK operations and its Irish captive. In addition, the firm will very shortly be rolling it out wider within the group and extending it to include noninsurance transactions...

In association with Xchanging

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Meeting the challenge of change - Where next for specialty insurers looking to achieve sustainable business growth?

Having spoken to a number of CEOs operating in the specialty insurance and reinsurance market, we found that the majority believe the industry is at an inflexion point.

So what are the main factors influencing strategy and driving the specialty sector to seek growth? In this paper we outline our views on likely developments for the specialty market in the next five years...

In association with Ernst & Young

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The search for yield - Enhancing returns to protect insurance valuations

Low interest rates are depressing insurers' investment returns and consequently their market valuations.

In this paper, we examine the asset allocation options beyond investmentgrade fixed income. We also show why some of the approaches used to set capital requirements - in particular Solvency II's Standard Model - can make it difficult for insurers to increase returns by adjusting allocations...

In association with Deutsche Insurance Asset Management

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